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Sophia Murphy Writing Portfolio

I'm a Freelance Writer with over 15 years of writing and editing experience. I enjoy writing on topics that are meaningful to women, entrepreneurs, and parents. My writing niches include:

  • Small Business & Entrepreneurship

  • Health & Wellness

  • Lifestyle 

  • Natural Hair

  • Travel

Please have a look at some of my recently published work below.

Writing Portfolio: Headliner

Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Advice for your side hustle_edited.jpg

Advice for Your Side Hustle: How to Prioritize and Stay Focused

Abandonded Cart emails_edited_edited.jpg

Top 10 Abandoned Cart Emails

marketing funnel.PNG.png

How Does the B2B Marketing Funnel Work?

Writing Portfolio: Projects

Health & Wellness

Black Mental Health Matters.PNG.png
5 Instagram Fitness Trainers.PNG.png
3 Self care habits.png

Black Mental Health Matters: Interview with a Registered Social Worker

5 Black Women Fitness Trainers on Instagram You Need to Follow Right Now

3 Self-Care Habits You Can Start Today

Transformational healer.PNG

5 Ways to Revamp Your Life and Get Ready for Spring

Four Stress-Busting Exercises You Can Incorporate Right Now

Coping with Anxiety Through Energy Healing: Interview with a Transformational Healer

Writing Portfolio: Projects

Natural Hair & Beauty


Shampoo Alternatives for Natural Hair

Natural hair.PNG

5 Reasons Your Natural Hair is Not What it Could Be

mistakes ruining your natural hair.PNG

5 Common Mistakes that Could be Ruining Your Nataural Hair

vitamin c and retinol.PNG

The Two Must-Have Skin Care Ingredients You Need in Your Beauty Regimen

Beauty and wellness brands_edited_edited.jpg

28 Black-Owned Beauty and Wellness Brands to Support

Writing Portfolio: Projects

Travel & Lifestyle

Things to do in Ottawa with Kids_edited_edited.jpg
Single mothers.PNG.png

Family-Friendly Things to Do in Ottawa with Kids.

Black, Single, and Ready to Adopt: How Black Women are Following Their Hearts and Choosing Single Motherhood

5 Places to Visit for Your Next Vacation

Writing Portfolio: Projects
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