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Client Testimonials

Testimonials: Testimonials

As a startup, our needs change rapidly. Sophia has kept up with the demands of our company's content and social calendar seamlessly. She has written a variety of pieces for our company's blog and website and each time, the tone is spot on. From more technical articles that deal with explaining our products and services to more personal thought pieces, Sophia has shown a unique ability to pivot her writing style based on the exact needs at hand. She's been able to not only translate the general content and SEO needs that we have, but done so in a way that is still engaging and interesting for our readers. The timely completion of all deliverables combined with her knack for connecting with our audience has made her one of our favorite writers to partner with. Thanks, Sophia, for your consistent commitment to excelling for the team!

Brittany Johnson, 

Content Manager, Brand Marketing at Mayvenn

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